Monday, March 31, 2008

Books & Chocolate, what else is there...?

Here's a pic from my recent signing at the Ventura Barnes and Noble. That's me with Lena Moran, the store's community relations director extraordinaire. I have to say, B&N has treated this somewhat-newbie author super well. You might remember my previous post about discovering a display table of Godivas and my books at the entrance to the store. It's as if the heavens had opened right then and there...! (And you can't see this in the picture, but there were truffles just off to the side of me.)

On another note, I received a copy of the audio version of Chocolate Beach and haven't actually listened to much of it. Mostly, because it's so surreal that I feel as if I need to properly prepare for the experience with brownie batter and a pair of headphones to slap on at a moment's notice.

My hub, however, laughed all the way through the first cassette. (Stellar writing and all, lol...) And, yes, I said cassette. (Thankfully it's not in 8-track.) Many people, such as my son, still have cassette decks in their cars. Teen Son is actually thrilled that CB has been recorded. "Now I won't have to read it!" he recently told a friend.

No respect, I tell you. Haha.

p.s. I've been told the cd version will be released later this year, so I'll actually be able to listen to it while I'm driving (hopefully not off the road ;))


Anonymous said...

How fun!

Do they have any plans to release it via iTunes? I've really moved over there, even though I guess I could just "rip" the cd to my iPod. I love how easily things are accessible on that one little platform.

Julie Carobini said...

Funny you asked, VM, because my son asked the same thing and I had no idea. I'll find out!