Monday, March 24, 2008

Dancing with ? & a SAHM survey

Last night over the Easter ham my daddy-o gave me the 'what-for' for never commenting on his beloved Dancing with the Stars. "You're always talking about American Idol!" he accused. Well, that's true. See, I've watched Dancing occasionally, usually toward the end. (Although when Apollo Anton Ohno was on, I managed to catch it more often ;) But I hardly remember when it's on, or who the current season dancers are (although one of the professionals just bought a relative's condo, so I guess there's a pseudo-connection now...)

Anyway, to you Dancing with the Stars fans, feel free to pop in here after the show and give your take on the current season. My father would appreciate it :))


If you're a SAHM--a stay at home mom--I'd love to send you a short survey. If you work a job from home so that you can stay with the kiddos during the day, I'd love to survey you as well. I'm working on a project for you gals, so if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions, please drop me an email through my website. (This is an anti-spam measure). Gracias!


Jana said...

Well, I guess you won't be surprised to hear I'm a big Dancing fan! So far this season (after one dance), the women have it all over the men. I was particularly impressed with Marlee Matlin and Kristi Yamaguchi, but the tennis player will have to go.

I'll be emailing you about the survey!

Dan Navarro said...

Thanks, Julie, for agreeing to post at least a comment about "Dancing With the Stars." It is truly a remarkable show, combining all the glitz and glamour of the old Hollywood musicals with modern style and panache.

Dunno what AI's ratings are, but from the Nielsen reports I've seen, "DWTS" must have some pretty good ratings also. Have a look at the show sometime.


Vader's Mom said...

I don't watch either of them...they must be on opposite a Law & Order rerun. :)

Amy said...

I don't watch DWTS, I can really only keep up with one reality show. ;)