Sunday, April 06, 2014

The London Life

So our European adventure is coming to an end--at least for now. College Girl loved her time studying abroad and has decided that another stay in London is in her future. I guess those frequent flier miles we've been collecting will be coming in handy.

We rented a flat one block from Portobello Road and pretty much lived the Notting Hill life for the past 11 days (except for our quick 2 days in Paris). Here's a view of the market on a busy Saturday morning ...

And what would the market be without an upside down headless guy on the sidewalk?

Have I mentioned how much I love a blue door??

Looked high and low for Hugh and Julia, but they were off having a pot of tea, apparently.

Or maybe afternoon tea ... with a glass of champagne :-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

We'll always have Paris

In January our oldest daughter traveled to Paris on a break in her London study abroad program. While there, she visited Lock Bridge at Ponts des Arts and sent us a photo of the lock she made and attached to the bridge in our honor. Such a sweet gesture.

Yesterday on our 2day excursion to Paris, with accordions playing in the background, we couldn't believe the thousands and thousands of locks lining the bridge. What chance did we have to find ours??

Surprisingly, we did. Ooh, la, la! :-)