Thursday, June 06, 2013

It's My Thang

In my little hometown of Eagle Rock, CA, VWs were everywhere. When I was growing up, a couple of dads in town ran a shop in someone's backyard and that's where locals got their V-dubs cleaned up ~ and souped up. We weren't close to the beach at all, but it felt like the beach was close to us.

So last weekend my (longsuffering?) hubby humored me and drove us more than two hours north to a classic VW show in foggy Pismo Beach. Omgosh ... so fun! Hippies, music on the sand, beautifully restored bugs ... and some rusted out ones too (I mentioned there were hippies there, right??)

And Things. I've been talking about getting a VW Thing since we moved to the beach nine years ago. I could see myself and my bambinos cruising along the shore, but the hubster wouldn't have it. Said they're ugly (the cars ~ not the kids). Eventually, I resorted to putting a Thing in my second novel, Truffles by the Sea. (See what I just did there?)
Ah, well. Thing or no Thing, I'm already loving the longer days and laid-back nights. Hope you are too! Here's to a beachy weekend, my friends ... wherever you are!