Monday, July 21, 2014

Novel Awakening

Image c. Penguin Group
Once upon a time I read novels day and night. I read them on a hunch. I read them during lunch. I read them on my head, and I read them in my bed.

Poor Dr. Seuss ... !

But seriously, I rarely passed by the Eagle Rock Library on my walk home from elementary and middle school without stopping in. I was that kid. As I outgrew the kids' section, I moved into adult fiction and read everything the librarian would let me borrow--age appropriate or not (wink, wink). I was addicted, a two-pack a day reader with no time or inclination to quit anytime soon.

I did, eventually, see my addiction wane. Marriage, kids, and career all played parts in that--especially since my career has consisted of both writing and reading (i.e., editing). For awhile, the only attention my collection of must-reads received was the occasional (and I do mean occasional) dusting.

Then something happened a few months ago. I bought an ereader with birthday money from my parents (two people with reading addictions of their own ... apple didn't fall far!), and I've become re-obsessed (is that a word??) with reading all kinds of novels: YA, Women's, Inspirational ... I truly believe that if I won the Lotto tomorrow, a large hunk of my winnings would go to buy more books. Truly.

Here are a few of the stories I've recently read and enjoyed:

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax
The Color of Memory by Julianne Maclean (Actually, I've read three in this series so far)
Ciao, Bella by Ryan Phillips

Addicted to fiction, too? Then send me some recs, will you? :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'll have the lobster ...

Tomorrow is my last day as a member of the publishing team at Regal Books. Actually, the entire team will be walking into the unknown after a goodbye taco lunch with the rest of the crew of Gospel Light (which will continue on).

But yesterday, our little team, along with a few others, got together--using a giftcard from the publisher that purchased our assets--and dined on lobster (etc.) and appetizers.

It was divine.

Today we ate leftover desserts and cleaned out our cubicles, all the while knowing that our days as a team were numbered. (Down to exactly 1 day ...)

It's sad, but hopeful. One of our team has been hired by the new publishing house full-time, another has been hired on a temp basis, and I'm moving back in with my first love (hint: writing). The others are looking for their next great adventure. (Okay, maybe I am too :).

What do you say at a time like this? This experience, working inside a publishing house instead of pressing my nose against the glass from the outside, taught me more than I probably realize. Although this time in house has not been without its hiccups, our small, but mighty team rallied and bonded. We all worked hard. And accomplished a ton for our authors and the company that's staying on--especially in the slim amount of time between the initial purchase of our division and its final closing.

I'll never forget my pals at Regal ... nor what I've learned. Here's to the next step on everyone's path. May it be fully illuminated by the One who loves us so.

Have a beachy weekend, my friends, wherever you are ...