Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Blessed Detours

Good thing I don't make resolutions anymore. No doubt they'd be broken already. I'm trying to be organized, really I am, but this thing called LIFE gets in the way.

And often in a good way ... like last evening. Hubby and I were planning to walk to Starbucks as soon as I got home from work, but then my brother called, said he was in town, and could we come by the fish and chips place to visit?

So we veered west and met up with him and his sweet family. Along the way we chatted with no less than three groups of neighbors. By the time we actually walked the beach the sun had set and we were using its after glow to guide us home.

Never did have that coffee, but did we miss it? Not a chance.

This photo's from a recent "Girls' Night" gathering in Newport Beach. Cathy and I (and four other friends) have known each other for 29 years! How is that possible? In that time there've been marriages and kids and divorces and remarriages. Life has definitely slowed down our availability, but we've managed ~ somehow ~ to meet up every Christmas for hours of food and yakking (my sunglasses are hiding the bags under my eyes, though - ha).

The older I get (oh boy, sounding like my grandmother here ... ;), the more I want to live a life that gets in the way of the mundane. Here's to a new year filled with the richness of friends and the joy of a grace-filled life. Happy New Year, my beachy friends ... wherever you are!