Wednesday, December 30, 2009

shopping daze

So I've managed to do something I didn't do before Christmas: go to the three different malls two days in a row. Quite a feat for a non-shopper like myself (with a bad back too). But it's been kind of fun, actually, because most of the money spent was not mine, ha. The kids received all kinds of giftcards & cash and I've had fun watching them spend away.

And I did some observing too. One of my girls, the one who has plans for a career in fashion design, spent every cent...and borrowed some from me! (We did 'split' a coat, though). The other, my soccer girl, bought mostly 'needs' and has a bunch of moolah leftover (guess who I'll be borrowing from? Lol)

Here's the pic of the purple coat my eldest daughter and I bought together from Forever 21. She fell in love with it but it was over her budget. Of course, I crowed about how good it would look on me which caused her to bat her eyes and suggest that I split the cost with her. Sigh...wonder which one of us gets to wear it on New Year's Eve...? :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

college daze

Happy Monday! After all the church and family festivities, I ended up on the couch for nearly 2 days with a bad back. Hasn't happened in years, but this one was a doozy. Anyway, I watched several movies, read a lot, and ate even more than I did during the Christmas parties. Oh, how I wish I'd asked for a Wii Fit, haha!

I'm better today and working on my 2011 release again. Good stuff, this one! I'm hoping to whip through 1000s of words while my kids sleep in during their continued break.

Speaking of kids, my son Matt received his first college acceptance letter on Christmas Eve Eve...from Biola University! In case you missed it, I wrote about my happy discovery in the university library a couple months back when Matt and I visited the campus. Anyway, such a terrific Christmas baby accepted to college. *sniff* *sniff* *SNIFF!* (That last sniff came after I saw the tuition schedule. Lol! Praying for a surge in book sales :-)

This pic of Matt at the end of "No Shave November" cracks me up. My girls call that his Noah cap, as in Noah from the movie The Notebook.

Off to write that bestseller ;) Have a beachy day my friends ~ wherever you are!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Just popping in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

After last night's Christmas Eve service, we feasted on tamales with family. This morning we hung out with close friends and carbo-loaded (thanks, Angel :), then headed to the beach (see pic!). Next friends and family will arrive and I'll pull a couple of lasagnas out of the oven so that eating can commence yet again.

Have a blessed rest of the holiday, and tell me about yours too!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I love a parade

Happy Christmas week, my friends! Got up and out early to beat the shopping rush. I'm a rather anti-chick when it comes to shopping...I don't really enjoy it all. But today the lines were short because it was early-burly, woot! Had to make a couple of trips out to my car to stash all my treasures...

Speaking of good times, here's a picture from the Parade of Lights, an annual event in the Ventura Harbor. I took this pic with my phone from a friend's deck on Saturday night. See the boat and fireworks in the background? Such F-U-N!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That kiss

Okay, I swiped this clip from Kristin Billerbeck's blog. Now that I've got that off my chest, I ask you, what will we do without Glee for the next, oh, four months or so?

It's youth group night and in addition to my word count for the day, I'll be getting ready for this week's English Muffin Pizza Making Christmas Party. But for the past few months, after all the Wednesday night frivolity at my house, I've looked forward to settling in with my weekly dose of Glee. Now it's over until spring. Over! It's just not right, I tell you!

Btw, I've studied that kiss over and over again. Look at Schu's wrinkled brow (is she offended? does she love me back?) and Emma's shock followed by utter relief and joy. This is the stuff romance novels are made of and studying the facial expressions of good actors is a great place to start. (And gets you in less trouble than stalking lovers at the mall...)

p.s. I know that Schu's technically still married. That's the stuff of another post...

Monday, December 14, 2009

talk soup

Started off the weekend with a busy signing for Sweet Waters over at the Ventura Barnes & Noble. Remembered to bring signage, candy, bookmarks, magnets...but not a camera. Argh. Didn't even think of having someone snap one with my phone. So here's one from the International Christian Retailers Show last summer in Denver (that's Patti Hill in the background, on the left).

I get nervous before book signings. Will anyone show? And ... what if people show? LOL Truthfully, I love to gab and always end up in interesting conversations, even though they're often in snippets. For instance, on Saturday, I talked with new readers and old friends about:

obsessive-compulsive disorder
the old neighborhood
Jane Austen
differences in fantasy vs. sci fi

Yeah, pretty much the same stuff that goes through my head in a NY minute! Ah ha ha!

So, it's the last week before my kids are out of school for 2-3 more (depending on the kiddo). I MUST write A LOT this week, so here I go...

Wishing you a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday mus-ings

This is Gage, my muse...and yes, I have a male muse. Gage appears in my next book, A Shore Thing, and he doesn't just appear and speak, he also thinks right there on the page. In other words, I wrote his POV (point of view). Sooo fun to be a woman writing what a man thinks. Oh, the possibilities!!! Lol

But I've moved on to the next book and my next muse couple. I found the purrr-fect pictures to represent them both (she's famous, he's not), and I'm having a ball putting words and thoughts and conflicting emotions into their heads. Feels quite diabolical at times, mwaa-ha-ha!

If only I could control my own life this well. A novel idea indeed ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just in time for Christmas...

If you're in the Ventura area on Saturday, I'll be signing Sweet Waters at Barnes & Noble. In addition to handing out candy, magnets and bookmarks (naturally :), B&H Publishing Group will be holding a drawing for one of these cool book "chairs". This thing's big enough to hold a cookbook (or, of course, one of my novels, Lol).

The Ventura B&N store is located at 4820 Telephone Road. I'll be there from 11 am to 1 pm.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

I love a California coast sky after a rain. Had some rain (and wind and momentary loss of power) earlier this week, and the forecast says it'll be back tomorrow...with a gusto. So I'm dusting off my boots, and making sure my gloves are handy. Unlike other parts of the country, winter can be fleeting around here and we Californians don't always know what to do about it. I'm sure those in frigid areas would mock me mercilessly about all the snow gear I wear when it's cold outside. But whatever. Lol

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And the winner is...

Stampedwithgrace! I'll be getting your copy of Sweet Waters out to you lickety split. Thanks all for stopping by my cyber beach pad and participating in the discussion!

Turkey Ole

My husband's Italian and when he was a kid, his father made homemade turkey ravioli the day after Thanksgiving. (I'm told they even served a spaghetti side dish on the holiday.) So you can imagine my husband's surprise when, as new marrieds, I made turkey enchiladas with the leftovers. See, I'm Mexican on my father's side, and besides, I'm from California, home of amazing Mex food. My husband hadn't even had a taco until he moved to CA from PA in his early 20s!

So anyway, a couple of nights ago, I was tired of re-warmed turkey, and hot turkey sandwiches, but didn't feel like shopping. So I dug out all the extras in the fridge ~ and wouldn't you know it? ~ we had the fixins for turkey soft tacos, Lol! Aren't other cultures fun?

Ah, well. What do you do with the leftovers? Make something fun? Or toss them out? As for me, I'm finally going to clean out that fridge today, even though that means it'll be as hollow as a drum. Let the shopping begin!

*** Still a few more hours to enter to win Sweet Waters on the post below. I'll pick a winner at noon, pst!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sweet giveaway

Happy December!

I was trying to think of a snappy post, which is tough since my head's fully into a new story and how many words do I really have left? So anyway, I can't think of anything amazing today, so instead I'm going to give away a copy of Sweet Waters. Hey, who needs pithy anyway?

So here's the deal. Tell me about your favorite book (the title, what you like about it, who wrote it, or whatever you want to tell me) in the comments section. On Wednesday at noon pst, I'll throw all answers into the random number generator and come up with a winner. Sound good?

Looking forward to reading your comments on my breaks! And if you're looking for Christmas gifts, you can find my previous titles (Chocolate Beach & Truffles by the Sea) in Julie's Beach Shop or on Amazon.

Here's to a beachy holiday season ~ wherever you are :)