Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More coffee? Why, yes, thank you.

So yesterday my son, his friend and I drove to Biola University in SoCal to meet with an Admissions Counselor (It went well. Thanks for asking!)

Here's my unofficial scorecard of the visit:
People A
Grounds A
Cafeteria A
Library A++++

After our meeting we wandered into the gorgeous, Mac-filled library and my eyes immediately found the right-hand wall beckoning with the words: "CHRISTIAN FICTON." It didn't take long to find Chocolate Beach and Truffles by the Sea side by side on the shelf. Matt picked up CB and said, "Hey, it looks like it's been read!" (Yeah, thanks, kid). After doing a discreet Snoopy dance, I snapped this pic with my phone (you know, as proof).

After spending the day there, we drove back home and I spent the night with my middle school girls from youth group who had worked all day on a service project in the community. Oy...I'm tired today. We did a late night ice cream run, movie rental pick up, and watched Hannah Montana at midnight (hear the violins playing?).

Back home now, feeling the need to work on some deadlines, and yet the urge to get some sleep. Which do you suppose will win out?


Heavenly Muse said...

the image of books just caught my attention.

Michelle V said...

What's funny to me is that I had never heard of Biola until I recently read a novel where their child was off at Biola. Funny. So glad to see that they have a great library! =)


Judy Gann said...

Aren't libraries grand, Julie? :-)

I've heard nothing but great things about Biola.

Sue said...

How fun to find your books in their library! Yippiee!! Keep writing Julie... they need more (as do we!)

Ronel Sidney said...


Edna said...

I have to have my coffee and my books to get by each day. My coffee is morning and my books are at night when I am in the bed,