Monday, October 19, 2009

Love 'em or Leave 'em alone?

So do you prefer romance in your reads ... or not so much? Most of my books have romance and another equally-demanding ;) plot thread running through them. I've noticed, though, that the more I write, the more I find myself wanting to delve into the love match. Some friends have pointed this out, complete with eye-roll (lol), but whatever.

My next Otter Bay Novel, A Shore Thing, is due out in June. The story centers around Callie Duflay and her fight to keep a huge development from destroying the central coast—while also protecting her heart from the charming architect on the proposed project.

Oh, the possibilities ...;P

Ah, well. I'm writing another book, this one due out in 2011 (2011!) and it looks like quite the love triangle shaping up, haha. Of course, lots of other good stuff happening, but it's these characters and their wounded hearts that's got me in such a dither. Will this one forgive? Will that one forget? Will the other one recover? Oh, my.

So, tell me, do you prefer your reads have romance--or not so much? And if you answer in the affirmative, what are some of your favorite movie and/or book love matches? Fred & Ginger, maybe? The Fonz and Pinky Tuscadero? Or perhaps Kermy and Miss Piggy? Okay, enough.

Seriously, who are some of your faves and what do you like about them? (Other than all that smoochin', that is ;)


Tim King said...

Since I happen to be here just after this post went live, I guess I'll be the first to speak up.

I enjoy romance in my stories, but I'm a little odd in that respect. I'm a guy, and I enjoy romance, because I enjoy the complexities of human relationships as portrayed in fiction. Romance is a huge force in these relationships—and has been a huge force in my own personal life, too.

My favorite match, I think, was Luke & Lorelai. My favorite from literature might be Helen & James, from Laura Whitcomb's A Certain Slant of Light. (Don't actually know if that's my favorite, but it popped into mind first. A delightfully complex relationship and story.)


Michelle V said...

I do definitely like for there to be romance included in the story.

When you mentioned the Fonz I automatically thought of Joni & Chachi!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks for the comments! Luke and Lorelai--loved them. Joni and Chachi? Lol...not so much. jk

I love the name of that book you mentioned Tim and will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

The favorite romantic characters for me are undoubtedly Heathcliff and Cathy from Wuthering Heights. Why? Because on paper, they are completely opposite: the stableboy and the rich young lady. What unites them? undefinable chemistry that transcends 'class,' education, etc. Something that joins them way beyond death and the vagaries of a world consumed with what brand of jeans you are wearing.


Dan Navarro said...

Fred & Ginger are NOT to be confused with Kermit and Miss Piggy! Yecchh!

But since you mention romance, and you mention Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, please recall that the romance in their teamings was not informed by a bunch of hugging and kissing. They made it work without a lot of heavy petting.

Ideally, that's the way I like to read about romance in fiction. You can just suggest it, and let the reader imagine the rest.

Tamara said...

Mine would have to be Frankenstein. Okay now that you're saying, "what love story." I'll explain myself. It's not the traditional girl boy love story it the love and loyalty a creator has for his creation. It's mixed with fear, confusion, longing, and a bit of contempt for a beloved monster Frankenstein has created with his own hands.(As a writer I understand this part.) Mary Shelling makes it into a love story between the two character who in reality need each other.

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I also like romance in my stories, however I am not so fond of those heavily dramatic ones.