Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday doings

Once a month I post over at the CAN blog, and I'm up today. You can read my post here. If you're interested in book marketing, it's a terrific blog to follow. If you're not, then consider yourself lucky and head to the beach, Lol!

For the rest of the afternoon I'll be prepping for tonight's bi-monthly 7th grade girls small group gathering. Then I'll be kicking back to watch Glee. Such an insane show, but I'm pretty much hooked. You?

Have a beachy Wednesday, my friends ~ the weekend's almost here!

1 comment:

Michelle V said...

I've held strong and kept from getting into any new shows this year.

Wish I could head to the beach! LOL I would take a stack of books and be set for life! =)