Thursday, October 15, 2009

the Jake-a-rooni

Heard that Jake has signed on as the next Bachelor (not that I watch the show...). I have to say, I'm disappointed. Jake's a nice guy and all. Cute and tall and a pilot from Texas ... but why's he still single? What's behind that constant grin of his? Lol...I write novels, and it's all about the layers, my friends.

I would have preferred to see that cutie-pie Reid as the next Bach, but then again, he's probably too smart to put himself through that mess again (not that I watch the show...) Besides he's probably already found Mrs. Reid and sailed off into the sunset...

Ah, well. Methinks there's more to Jake than a pair of wings and cowboy boots. Come January, I guess we'll see (not that I watch the show or anything...)

So weigh in! How do you think Jake (and his fair maidens) will fare next season?


Michelle V said...

I used to watch but haven't watched the last couple. Too many stacks of good novels waiting to be read @ my house! I might watch when January comes around.


Sue said...

Ugh! I was SO sad they picked Jake. I think I'd rather watch paint dry than Jake's love life - blech!

He may be good looking but comes across as rather fake to me.

I would love to watch Reid but I agree Julie - he's too smart. From what I understand he was offered the Bachelor but made some pretty high demands that the producers probably didn't want to pay.

I usually watch these shows but I seriously think I have to pass come January. I don't think I can stomach Jake ;-)

Carole said...

You are so funny, Julie! (Not that I watch it either) Are Ed and Jill even together now?

I have no explanation for why I've watched this show in the past. Jake's cute, but Reid . . . Oh well, we'll have to see what the next season brings.