Friday, October 23, 2009


After the recent rain and fog, it's super sunny here in beach town. So yesterday, pre-teen girl and decided it was high time that Charlie the Dog get more chances to run. Sadly, he's too skittish to be allowed off-leash (don't even ask about our one visit to a dog park...not good). That's him in the photo, trying to convince us all of his innocence...

So anyway, pre-teen girl's been on fall break all week and the neighborhood's been quiet, so we leashed up our wily dog and headed outside with the scooter and beach cruiser.

Poor Charlie ~ didn't know what to do. I put my life on the line hopped onto that pink cruiser and 'encouraged' Charlie to pull me. He didn't get it at all and nearly caused a pileup when he spotted a cat under a bush. Yanked me so hard I almost went over the handlebars into said bush.

Took a bit, but Charlie finally figure out what to do and we flew (I do mean flew!) down our wide street. Every dog in the 'hood barked like mad and I laughed so hard I (almost) couldn't breathe. My guess is the neighbors are still talking in hushed tones about the spectacle of a pretty middle schooler on a scooter being chased by a dog who pulled an old beach chick on a pink cruiser.

Hey, but whatever. I love this quote from George Burns: "You can't help getting older, but you don't have to be old!"

Have a beachy weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are!

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Terra said...

That is a funny word picture you paint of dog, girl and mom almost flying down the street.
I'm glad you got back safely.