Friday, October 16, 2009


When my kids were babies I dreamed of the day when they'd be teenagers and I'd eat bonbons all day have more free time. In some ways I do, but I never thought that watching over their schooling, taxi driving, college searching, and all around advice-giving, would be so time and energy consuming. Not that I'm complaining ~ just an observation.

So anyway, I walked to the beach yesterday with Charlie the Dog and just sat on my bum for a bit with nothing but the waves to distract me. Didn't even think about writing. We should all do that sometimes, don't you think? Just sit somewhere and think about...nothing?

Okay, but not today. My youngest has half-day and my mid child needs a ride from one school to another at mid day...which means being in different places at (almost) the same time. And there's the little matter of the book I'm currently writing, due in just a few months...

Sigh. Guess I'll just have to daydream about lolling around and daydreaming, Lol... Have a beachy weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are (I will try to do that too! ;)


Tim King said...

As a work-at-home dad, this is how I often feel. Next Wednesday, for example, I don't expect to get much writing done, because I'm going to have to shuttle the Missus to work and C to school and the doctor's.

I definitely need to take a break once in a while and think about nothing.


Michelle V said...

Being a Mom with teenagers is busy, but at least I can go to the bathroom in peace and actually take a shower now that they aren't little anymore! LOL!! I do remember those days when those things didn't happen!

Have a great weekend!


Edna said...

I love your books, would like to win one

thanks so much