Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaving Yesterday giveaway

Getting a late start this morning ~ and it's all Kathryn Cushman's fault. Granted, I'm the one who picked up her latest book, Leaving Yesterday, from my nightstand this morning. And I'm the one who stayed in bed sipping coffee and reading page after page after page (pre-teen girl is on fall break out here on the west coast, which means I don't have to stir quite so early).

It's riveting. It's sad. It's twisting something inside my gut as I read it. Oh, Katie, you've done it again! Katie Cushman and I have done a few booksignings together and we've always maintained that I might make you laugh ~ but Katie will make you cry! Believe me, there's been a lump in my throat since I cracked open this novel.

Katie's publisher sent me a copy for review and guess what? They ended up sending me TWO. Which means I get to pass one along to one of my blog friends. So here's what I'm the back cover blurb, then answer the question at the end in my comments section, and I will pick a winner on Monday morning.

Here's that blurb:

Her prodigal son has returned! But has he truly left the past behind?

The police car outside triggers Alisa Stewart's worst fear ~ her son, Kurt, is dead, his life lost forever to addiction. Instead, the officer is just following a lead on a crime. And when Kurt calls to say he's checked himself into rehab and found a healing faith, Alisa feels a hope she'd given up on.

It's like her son has been brought back from the dead.

But then the cop returns, asking dark questions about the murder of someone Kurt once knew. Alisa is terrified. Her boy is different now. He's changed and deserves a second chance. But as his old life refuses to stay buried, Alisa finds herself facing an impossible choice:

Keep silent and keep her son ... or risk everything in a quest for the truth

Here's my question for the comment section: If someone you loved dearly was implicated in a crime even as their life showed signs of turning around, would you prefer to know the truth--even if it meant their guilt?

(Note: I've not yet read the end of Katie's book, so I don't know how it will turn out. However, this is one of the questions that's been tumbling inside my own head while reading this story.)


Michelle V said...

Ok, Julie, I don't even know why I'm doing this because you have no idea how much I can relate with this story. I can tell you that sometimes it's VERY hard to know the truth! When it means that they need to step up and take responsibility and change, that's one thing, but when they are already doing the work to change it's tough to pile on top of that but sometimes you have to if you want to do the right thing.


Kanoe said...

I'd want to know. If this were my baby or someone close to me, I'd want to help and support them as much as possible. And the only way to do that is by walking the road of truth, however rocky, bumpy and perilous it may be.

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Michelle, I knew when I put the question out it might hit some tender spots. I DO hear what you're saying. Thanks for stepping up first :)

Becca Dowling said...

Yes, I'd want to know the truth. Otherwise I'd be stuck in a quagmire of doubt and guilt. I'd always be second-guessing whatever my loved one said or did, unable to trust. While I haven't had direct experience with this situation, but I can imagine how very hard it would be. Still I'd be there to walk through it with my loved one and leaning on God to hold us both up day by day.

Katie is an awesome writer. Between the two of you, I've got my emotional work-out covered! LOL ;)


Ronel Sidney said...
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Ronel Sidney said...


Very difficult to think about but I am thinking I would want to know the truth in order to pray for my son and encourage him through the struggles of dealing with his past. Hiding the truth or ignoring it would cause more trouble than good. I couldn't even imagine how difficult it would be but I think when we face things we are able to work through them vice ignoring them... my facebook status right now says,

"You can NOT conquer what you can NOT confront!! Do you have an invictus spirit? Psalm 35:27 God has a promise & purpose for us!!"

... as hard as it might be I would have to trust in HIM!!

Edna said...
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Edna said...

Oh that book sounds so good, maybe I will be a winner of a free one, sure hope so.


Peg said...

Oh, my. I've heard some online conversation about this book, but not until now have I read the concept. How heartbreaking!

Yes, I'd want to know. Too much is at stake not to know and to know how to deal with it. There would be more heartbreak in the end if I thought things were just peach-keen with my son.

I have a prodigal. One who hasn't spoken to me, written to me, and refuses to let his siblings mention me in his presence. I do know he's deeply involved in drugs (or he was), theft. Even spent time in prison. (this was right after his father divorced me.)

Anyway, "Leaving Yesterday" reminds me of another gut-wrenching story I read earlier this year by Kathi Macias, "My Son, John." Very emotional.

Enter me in the drawing, Julie. I've got to read this book.


pbphifer (at)

Peg said...

I just noticed I neglected to finish my comment about my own son. I meant to say that he broke off all contact with me over 15 years ago. The divorce was 30 years ago. He was 16 at the time. So I don't think his anger toward me is about the divorce.

Sorry, this discussion isn't about me. I just wanted to complete my thought.

Jennifer AlLee said...

In this type of situation, my first instinct would be to protect my child. But then, as I began to think more rationally, I know the truth would win out, no matter how aweful it was. At least, I'd like to think so.

Don't enter me in the drawing because I've already read this book and loved it. Definitely one to read with a box of Kleenex within arm's reach!

Julie Carobini said...

Good point, Peg. My Son, John crossed my mind recently too. And thanks for being so transparent. I have a friend who's been estranged from a child for many years. Such a tough thing to watch unfold, and yet I've always been amazed by her unyielding faith.

Thanks so much everyone for commenting. Good thoughts, all.

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I loved that book...I read it a couple of days ago and it was great!

Tina Dee Books said...

Yes. Easier said than done, but yes. I want to face life in truth and knowing God's perfect love and will are at work in my life and the other person's/family member.

And, the hope that the other person may surrender himself/herself to God, all the better the journey in our faith and hope and the One Whom we place them in.