Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David H...and getting out of Dodge

American Idol
You know, I thought it was a possibility that David H would go, but I really thought it would be Kristy. Elementary Girl cried for the third straight week (Thankfully, she doesn't know about the controversy surrounding him.) Anyway, I'd forgotten about The Tears. The name Will Makar (season 5) still coaxes a sniffle from now-Teen Daughter. Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but back then that elimination brought out buckets full of watery tears, and I'll never forget it (We'll never let her forget it, either. Lol)

Question of the day:
What did you think about Kristy's rendition of Eight Days a Week? I thought it was too fast, but kind of funky. I didn't hate it, yet knew everybody else would. I'm weird that way. So do you agree with the judges--or with me?


I'm headed up to Mt. Hermon
tomorrow for a nearly week-long writer's conference. Redwoods, lush sage hills, crazy writers makin' up stories in the Central Lounge after midnight...ahh, can't wait. Many moons ago, Mt. Hermon didn't even have cell phone access. Now, they've got wi-fi, which means I can post all the dirt amiable stories about some of your favorite authors ;), right from the conference grounds.

Onward ho!


Megan said...

Ever since I first heard Kristy's song I knew she was in trouble. I really liked the country version but like you said WAY TOO FAST. They were so harsh to her and I think it was unfounded and I think that is why she didn't go. I have been ready for her to go since like week two. Not that she is bad she just isn't interesting. So anyway, totally with you on that matter. I desperately wanted her to have realized her error and at least slowed it down for the second time around. (Which I liked even better and grated against me even worse that it was WAY WAY WAY TOO FAST.)

Please have a safe trip. And don't have too much fun and make me jealous.

Jana said...

I was pretty shocked David H went home. He was one of my favorites. But oh well. Kristy won't be around too much longer. My husband and I both kind of enjoyed her song the first time we heard it, but it is definitely way too fast.

Have fun at the conference! I've always wanted to go to one of those. Then again, my college was pretty much a four year writers' conference!

Anonymous said...

I love Kristy, but really didn't care for that rendition of the song. My kids are really rooting for Kristy because she says if she wins she's going to buy her horse back. They REALLY want her to get her horse back!

Chaos-Jamie said...

I thought Simon would say it was manic on heroin or something like that. There was just too much going on.

Unknown said...

I thought Kristy's song was too fast also. I didn't care for it at all. I thought she would go before David H also, and she probably will next week if she doesn't choose better. especially since they're doing the same type of music again. if she had slowed the song down, it might of been better. I did like her Journey song last week (but I love Journey :)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hey there! It's my first time here; found you via Amy Lathrop. Looking forward to reading more! :)

I actually liked Kristy's song... just too fast and some instrument thing I didn't like. But I totally disagreed with the judges and thought it WAS a song that worked as a country song! Can't wait for tonight. :) Brooke's my girl this year.

I have four daughters, but so far no tears. They have no heart.