Saturday, March 15, 2008

The jacarandas are in bloom...

I began writing a blog post last night, but ended up deep in conversation with a gal who is first timer at Mt. Hermon. After attending this particular writers conference for so many years, I've learned that sometimes things get so overwhelming or the body becomes just so plain old exhausted, that ditching class and taking a nap is a must. Kind of like that in real life too, don't you think? (Don't tell my kids about the ditching class part, though!) That's part of the advice I gave to my friend last night, and it's the same advice I gave myself this afternoon. I. was. tired. And headachy. My brain was pretty full too. So I flopped on my unmade bed and took a snooze.

It's evening here in Northern California and I'm back in the warmth of the "central lounge", the chattering of computers and writers all around me. Through one window, a jacaranda tree bursts with pink blooms, and suddenly this beach chick has the urge to write a story set in the redwood-dotted mountains. (The pic above is a similar-type tree)

So I'm waxing poetic. Isn't that what getting away does to us? Provides us with fertile ground to think up new things (or in my case, to let those voices in my head, the ones jostling to have their stories told, have their day). Tiring as it is to get little sleep, and have myriad conversations, and cram the brain with more info, I'm thankful for the fresh stirrings of creativity.

Tonight bestselling author Debbie Macomber will give her second keynote of the week. Last night I laughed so hard, the tears squirting from my eyes did a number on my contacts. Had no idea she'd be that entertaining, and yet she's sold something like a gazillion books, so why was I surprised?

Have I mentioned all the books for sale here? (Hon--don't read this part) Tons of authors, tons of their books, and me with a half-empty car to fill. It's almost too much to bear...:)

Have a beachy weekend, wherever you are...And Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow!


Sharon Hinck said...

Thank you for the taste of Mt. Hermon. I'm missing it (and everyone) so much.

Hug a redwood for me!

Brenda said...

Hi Julie, This is my first comment ever on a blog!!! It was fun meeting you at Berean in San Diego. Just wanted to tell you I'm enjoying reading Truffles :)

melodyrose said...

I would love to read your book!
Melody msproule1225@gmaildotcom

Jana said...

Sounds like a wonderful, productive time! I just spent two days away from home, alone in a hotel room, and I wrote almost the whole time. I'm feeling pretty good about it, except I'm tempted to rewrite the whole thing, LOL!