Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Say it with Chocolate

Chocolate Beach is now available in audio! How fun is that? It's just now making its way into some libraries, although it may have to be requested. If you're so inclined to ask for it, then blessings on you and your children and your children's children :)) It's also available through this link. I'm new to this part of the writing adventure, so it may be somewhere else as well. Anyway, it's a great way for commuters and those who are vision-impaired to spend some quality time with novels.


American Idol

Chikezie! Did y'all see him jumping and gyrating last night on that new and oh-so modern stage? Paula said she 'knew' they'd start to see the real performer in him, but I have to say, he surprised me. A very, very fun performance on a rather lackluster night. As Jana and I've been discussing, we thought the Fab Four theme would have brought down the house but with few exceptions, it didn't. Even David A. forgot the words (although how can we not still love him?)

That said, who can be fabulous all the time? (I could add so many zingers here but I won't...) Sometimes, you just have a bad night--I wish they wouldn't have chosen Beatles songs to stumble on--but that's life. Let's hope that the best all-around singers make it through to the next round.

p.s. I've had Let It Be in my head since last night...!


Jana said...

Yeah, I felt sorry for David A., but he's not going anywhere. I thought it rather ironic that one of them (Michael, I think) said he didn't see how you could be a musician and NOT be influenced by the Beatles, and then along comes David A. who's never heard any of their songs! Poor kid!

Amy said...

Very cool about the audio book!

I was bummed for David A. I do still love him, though. I loved Chikezie, I've liked him all along, though.

Kristy goes tonight?

Julie Carobini said...

Yeah, I think it'll be Kristy. Or David H, maybe. Still can't believe Asia'h didn't make it to top 12...sigh. Note to self: 'let it be.'

Vader's Mom said...

I actually watched the last hour of AI last night. Maybe soon I'll know who you are talking about!!!

Congrats on the audio book!!