Tuesday, March 25, 2008

God Bless the U.S.A.

I agree with Simon (gasp!) that Kristy Lee Cook's rendition of I'm Proud to be an American probably just saved her this week. Actually, just choosing such a patriotic song--and knocking it out--probably saved her. You go girl! And then there was David Cook singing Billy Jean. Haha...that was sa-weet. My kids don't know the Michael Jackson version, and if he'd sung it anything like the original, he'd have been sunk (think synthesizers and hiccupy vocals...is hiccupy a word? Lol...) Impressed me, all I'm sayin.

For the first time since I've watched this show, there's not a clear winner at this point (of course, I'm usually wrong, but it least there's usually a clear one to me ;) All of them can sing, and perform, and at least 1/2 dozen have a fighting chance of winning the title.

My guess is that Ramiele or Chikezie will probably go tomorrow. I so wish the Chick-ster would've belted out a motown-ish tune because he has the pipes, but sigh, he went for the Luther V style again.

What's your guess
for the vote off?


Amy said...

Not sure. Could be Ramiele, Jason, Chikezie, or even Carly.

David C rocked!!

Brittanie said...

I loved Carly. So I am thinking Ramiele or Chickezie, or Jason.

Jana said...

I'm the same way this year - I can't pick a clear front-runner, or even someone I always like better than everyone else. David C. blew me away again - totally brilliant. But David A., who I used to really like, is depressing me with all of his social conscience songs.

LOVED Kristy this week - and so happy for her that Simon loved it, too!

Julie Carobini said...

You know, Brittanie, I'd forgotton about Jason. I like him, but I think his time is almost up. I'm glad he'll be on the tour though!

And Jana, I see what you mean about David A. I wonder who's guiding him... I didn't even know that song.

Carole said...

I never can guess who will be voted off, so I won't even try.

I know she won't win, but I love to hear Brooke sing.

Megan said...

I think there is a front runner, but probably because I have MAJOR crush.

I think David Cook is the clear standout right now.

I have no idea who is going home. Kristy sounded great, which surprised me.

I love Jason and Brook but they are boring me.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I say Chikezie's going home.

I think talent wise David A. and Carly are head and shoulders above the rest.

David A. is a natural when he sings, but someone else might be giving him input on songs. I suspect that's true of all of them.

Third for me is Brooke. I don't even like country but I like everything she sings.

David C. You guys like David C.?