Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On castles and princes

Pre-teen Daughter and I are hooked on Bachelor Rome. Sad, but true. Seriously, though, who can resist an Italian prince? I haven't watched the last couple of installments of the show--just too shallow to enjoy--but I got hooked by this year's "No place like Rome" theme. I am married to an Italiano, after all :-). Then I was intrigued by this season's bachelor who actually seems like a gentleman. Teen Son laughed at us one night when we swooned over something sweet "Prince Lorenzo Borghese" said. "He's such a player!," my son said. "Not so!" we argued. Hubs just shook his head and tactfully stayed out of it.

Anyway. Next week's the big proposal--at least we hope there'll be one. On last night's tell-all, the Bachelor's jilted dates made their predictions: 7 to 3 they picked Jen. We dig Jen, but oh, we love Sadie. (Makes me want to sing that line, "Sadie, Sadie, married lady!"...but I digress.)

Sigh. Some great gal's going to be disappointed. I'm always telling my daughter, "You know, this isn't how it's done. You know that right?" To which she huffs a sigh back and says, "I know, Mom. You keep telling me that." Then I make her gag a little when I plant a smooch on her father's cheek and remind her that some fairy tales do come true. After all, I found my prince.

:-) What's your prediction?

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Unknown said...

Hi! I connected to your page from Gilmore Girl Fanatic's. :) I, too, have been sucked in by the Bachelor Rome. Although I'm sure they won't stay together past the After the Final Rose show (if they even make it that far)...disappointing. I haven't picked a Jenn/Sadie side yet though...

Congratulations on your novel!