Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday on the Links

Kids have 1/2 days this week...proofing the galley pages of Chocolate Beach...writing book 2...prepping for the Turkey Day shin-dig that's just a couple of weeks away (!) the middle of a couple of house-fix-up projects...but wanted to throw out a "hello" to my blogging friends!

It's a frenetic time, so welcome to my jumbled thoughts. Here's a potpourri of fun for You:

Ran across this fun site for the Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau. Chocolate Beach is set in Ventura, so have a look.

Laughed myself silly this weekend over this movie from way, way back in my childhood. Despite the PG label, it contains an unfortunate spattering of profanity. Other than that, and the fact that it's a tad long, it's a crack up. Eh, Katerina!

Chocolate Beach has made it into Barnes& you're a member (like moi), see my sidebar on how to pre-order CB today (she said, unabashedly.)

I DIG this intro video to Just sorry I missed the conference! Maybe next year, eh?


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