Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm dreaming of a right Christmas...

Wrote nearly 1,000 great (okay, pretty good) words yesterday. On to another writing day (with sick kiddo at home). Sigh...

But before I go, what's up with all the elaborate Christmas displays everywhere? The Griswolds are livin' in my 'hood (you know who you are :), while our place looks more like the grinch's hangout. Hey, I'm still clearing away the centerpieces from last week's Thanksgiving shin-dig. (It is still November, btw.) Alas, our neighbors will be happy to know that hubs has already stocked up on lights, so fray--here we come!

Not that I'm not at least thinking about Christmas. I am. But other than whirled peas, my Christmas wish list this year is simple: time. I want time to walk the beach, drive up the coast and sleep in way too late. Oh, and I'd like all that with a side of spotless house, perfectly well-behaved kids, and another 30k of my novel written.

Hm. Not happening. Besides, it's not my birthday anyway.

Guess that's the rub. All this pomp, all this circumstance, all those dreaded snowmen in the stores--kind of empty without at least a mention that we're supposed to be celebrating Christ's birthday. Nativity scenes are seriously lacking in my neighborhood. Tried to pick one up for our yard at the local big box store, but not a one found. None!

Maybe this is why I'm like a curmudgeon today (well, that and the fact that Prince Lorenzo dumped sweet Sadie last night. Grrr). I want lights! I want green & red wreaths! But I also want meaning, people! So that's it. Today, I'm writing (and wiping Elementary Girl's nose), but later this week, say in December, I'll be digging into the shed for our homemade nativity sets--oh, the wonders of toilet paper rolls and popsicle sticks!--and starting the season off right.

How about you?

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to see your neighborhood with all its holiday enthusiasm.
(I'm getting a tree this year. This is moving up in the world for me.) I hope you start the nativity set trend in your neighborhood.