Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Got prayer?

The galleys for Chocolate Beach sit in a neat pile on my desk. Notes and chapter pieces of book 2 clutter the rest of my desktop. It's November, and I'm hosting the annual Thanksgiving bash...which means I'm in the middle of a homemakeover--natch. The kids keep me driving 'til all hours, it seems. All this busyness has driven me to my knees. Crazy as it is, it's all good.

So. What's on your plate today?


Gina Conroy said...

How exciting! A book I contributed to just came out and I have yet to see it, I can't imagine how exciting it will be to be where you are one day!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you`re not bored at least ;-)

I`ve been living at the University for a couple of weeks (not really, but it feels like it) and finally I had the big scary exam last Friday! And now I`m taking the opportunity to relax a bit since I don`t have any more lectures this week... I`ve been seing friends, crafting, reading & just enjoying the feeling of not studying ;-)