Sunday, November 19, 2006

Give thanks with a grateful heart...

It's carnival day, and the chicks are talking about thankfulness. I've spent the past weeks coordinating home re-do projects--you know, because we'll be hosting Thanksgiving for 20 and we wouldn't want our guests to see last year's wall color--and it's been easy to get caught and buried in the whirlwind. Who knew there were that many shades of white?

Now that all is done, well, mostly done, I'm working to refocus and to remember to be grateful that I have a house to decorate. And a yard that needs tending. And a family that needs feeding. I even remembered to buy a big ol' Tom this morning. So this Thanksgiving, I plan to offer thanks for life, family, friendships, and of course, the coast--you didn't think I'd forget my beloved beach, did ya?

How about you?


CyberCelt said...

Thanks for a reminder to be thankful. I am here from BCs.

Anna Venger said...

It is hard to stop in the middle of preparations to remember why we are celebrating, but we do owe it to ourselves to slow down and be thankful.