Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Studying Esther, Talking 'bout Melissa

Late post today as I was studying Esther with the gals all morning. Extrememly intense lesson--yowsa. Still processing and will probably do a special post about that. Until then, wanted to take a minute to acknowledge our girl on DWTS last night.

Melissa Rycroft did very well, don't you think? I really like her and how she handled some tough stuff with grace. Wrote a bit about her new gig, so I hope you'll click the link below and stop on by. Until then, have a beachy day--wherever you are.

Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft Joins the Colorful Cast of Dancing with the Stars

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Ronel said...

I always find it interesting how it is a popular contest until they are down to about 7 or 8 and then it gets real... I still like the show because it is something I can watch in front of my little man without being worried. Although can they stop saying jacka** so much?