Monday, March 30, 2009


So last Saturday, we set up a trampoline in our backyard that pretty much takes up 1/2 the postage stamp-sized space we've got. (If you follow me on Twitter--sorry--you've already heard about our new backyard adventure :)

For those who've expressed concern over safety, thanks, ha. My back's killing me today, but then again, I should've known better than to get on the thing in the first place. The kids are, of course, fine.

Seriously, this thing is HUGE. A friend was getting rid of it, said it was pretty small, and offered it to us (really generous of her, btw). I'd forgotten that she lived on an end of town where they actually have, um, yards. It pretty much swallows up ours.

But I have to say, the timing's perfect. Our kids are on break right now, and summer's just around the bend. So far it's had near constant activity--including a water balloon fight and one overnight usage with two girls and a dog :)

It's Monday, and like I said, the kid-doodles are home. I'm off to write my word count before they get up around mid-day (no more babies/toddlers in this house!) But if they get up before I'm done, it's no problem. I'll just send 'em outside (woot :)


Mrs. Sidney said...


Sarah said...

Hehe. Trampolines are so much fun. Just make you sure you don't go in there with any little kiddies...or pets...or anything "trample-able". I learned this the hard way, of course;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I LOVE Trampolines. I know, I'm 36 years old...I should have moved on to more sophisticated toys, right?

OMG, I LOVE visiting my nephews and niece so I can launch them on the trampoline. It's great exercise too (LOL--like that's why I do

They are HUGE though, that's for sure.