Thursday, April 02, 2009

Midweek update

Is it Thursday already? Gah! As I've said before, life's been whacky this week. Despite the schedule upheaval, I've still been able to write my daily word count, but blogging--not so much.

Here's a quick update of my week:

~ Yesterday I traveled to Studio City with my girls and mom and had lunch w/my sis in law and super-cute baby nephew. While there we ran into the two hunks from Desperate Housewives pictured above having lunch at Aroma Cafe. Such is the life of a novelist...haha...not.

~ Missed Am. Idol last night but read it online. Did Megan really come off as disrespectful? She's an amazing talent, but maybe this was harder than she had imagined. What do you think?

~ My mom popped by yesterday and pointed out that the backyard trampoline we acquired is MUCH BIGGER than the picture I posted on Monday. Take her word on that. And yes, it continues to get near constant use!

~ Earlier this week my son and I toured Westmont College, a private Christian school in tony Montecity. I figured it was just something to check off the list and really had little idea he'd really want to go there. But he does. And it's 30k+ a year. Gulp. Oh, but it's beautiful not just physically, but spiritually, so it's just become a contender.

Tomorrow, many of my pals will be landing in Santa Cruz for the amazing Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference. While visiting woodsy Montecito the other day, a waft of new foliage made me think of the redwood & pine conference center.... Anyway, so sad to be missing it this year, but with all the writing and mothering to do, it couldn't be helped! If you're up there, send in some updates, will ya?

Have a beachy day ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Megan was disrespectful, and obviously hurt Simon's feelings. He said something like, "You know how you said earlier that you don't care about us, well we don't care about you either, and we're not even going to give any thought to keeping you." Bet he regrets saying that.

It almost seemed as if she was on drugs or something the way she spoke to them and made faces during the show. Later, after she was kicked off, it really seemed to hit her and she became super crying and emotional.

She sure went from seeming the most talented to ...not. Weird, and sad. I think she missed her two year old son.

I was totally wrong about the save being used for her.....but rightly so, I think, now that I saw her last two weeks performances.

Have a fun rest of the break!


Sarah said...

I liked Megan at the start of the competition but found myself liking her less each week. I agree with Patty - she might have been missing her son or just feeling the pressure. But last night, it did come off as disrespectful.
Julie, did you get pics with Ricardo and James or talk to them? How cool and very glamorous;) You're such a novelist!

Julie Carobini said...

Actually, Sarah, they wanted a pic with me but I declined. Lol...not.

I grew up near LA and took acting classes so I'd run into celebs occasionally and ask for autographs. Funny that now that I'm older and more 'mature' I don't think of that.

No, but, seriously, they really did want my picture...;)