Monday, April 27, 2009

The Process--from the writer's mind to store shelves (brief version :)


That's all I can say. Well, not exactly all (just ask anyone who knows me ;)

In the past week I wrote a bazillion words for my book due June 1, met a writer pal for lunch, wrote three online articles, and judged a writing contest (still working on those...) I also proofed the galleys of Sweet Waters, which will be released this summer, as well as its front and back cover. (VERY pretty, by the way. Tried to upload it here but it's in a .pdf and no can do).

The Process
Anyway, it's an amazing process from start to finish, this book writing thing. I wrote Sweet Waters last year and turned it in to my fabulous editor, Karen Ball. While Karen began the editing process, the sales & marketing team led by the innovative Julie Gwinn started early promotions.

I remember being in New York last fall and getting emails from marketing (already--yahoo!). Soon after ARCs-Advanced Reader Copies--were printed up. This is done early so that media outlets will be able to read & review the book in time for their own deadlines.

During that same trip--when we'd reached Pennsylvania--I had to hide out in our rental van in order to have a quiet spot to talk with my editor (hee!) At that point, she suggested some changes, and right after we touched down in California, I was back at work, revising the manuscript.

After that came the line edits. Each week I'd receive chapters of the book with Karen's revision. A GREAT learning process for a writer--loved it! There was some back and forth, and then a little more back and forth and a couple of busy holidays wedged in between. Marketing continued their promotions (including the creation of some cool bookmarks for a last minute book signing) while I began work on another book.

And then, finally, like I mentioned earlier, I received the galleys--the final designed pages of Sweet Waters --as well as the beautiful new front and back cover. On Saturday I overnighted the package with some minor changes to Nashville, and Houston, we have a completed book! (Okay, so B&H still has a bit of work to do...:)

Speaking of which, I'm so grateful for the team at B&H Publishing Group--and for my readers. Just last night I received the coolest email from an acquaintance on Facebook. She didn't even know I was a writer--our connection came through a friend AND through our mutual love of the sea. But she works for a Christian Bookstore in Florida and when someone recently bought one of my books, she recognized my name and said, "Hey, I know her from Facebook!" Love that!

Although Sweet Waters is on its way to print, I've still got more writing to do. In fact, I'll be doing just that for most of the day, so don't be shy. Feel free to drop me a line, as I'd love to hear from you!


Tracy said...

Hi Julie! I'm thrilled to say I know you from FB too, but I found you there because I love your books! Thanks for sharing the process with us. As a new and aspiring writer, I have no idea of the process, but hope to someday find out. Once again, it seems that there is so much more that goes on "behind the scenes" than an outisder would know about. Looking forward to the new book! Blessings!

Colleen Coble said...

LOVE, LOVE the editing process! And you've got a totally fabo editor in Karen Ball! I have the phenomenal Ami McConnell and Erin Healy. I call them my Dream Team. Wish more authors understood how truly FUN the editing process can be.

I told my editor last week when I got mine that when I get my revision letter it's like I've been pulling a cart all by myself. then suddenly another ox drops into the traces to help me and things get SO much easier! I see the ms with all new eyes too!

Megan DiMaria said...

Yes, it's very busy work but it's wonderful work.

I absolutely love the editing process. It makes me a better writer, and for that, I'm very grateful.

A prisoner of hope,

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks Tracy--I hope you find out someday soon too!

And Colleen, as you know, one of your blog posts from a couple of years back prepared me for this process-kudos to you :)

Megan, Yup, busy and wonderful. Pretty much sums it up (except when I draw a blank during the revising process, ha.)

Lynda Schab said...

Aw, I'm jealous. I want a fabulous editor, too! Not that my mom isn't great or anything. LoL. Can't wait until your new book comes out. You're one of my absolute fave authors. :-)

Mrs. Sidney said...

AWESOME!! Congrats.. can't wait to read the book... it comes out just in time for my birthday!!