Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

Haven't mentioned much about *yawn* American Idol this year. I'm still watching but just not as interested. Could be all the deadlines on my plate, I just don't know. How about you? Are you as thrilled as you once were or...? Right now, I really don't have a clue who will win.

Adam? (great voice but will his theatric ways receive the votes?)
Danny (memorable voice and personality, but can he beat Adam's chops?)
Alison (fabulous voice but will middle America vote for the pink hair?)
Matt (will his 'save' go down as divine?)
Kris (a dark horse?)
Lil (will there be a comeback?)
Anoop (will he swap the preppy look and come out a winner?)

See, these are the questions I have. What do you think?

Before you go, please check out a brief article I wrote for The Examiner about a promotion is doing with Compassion International. Just can't say enough good stuff about that organization. You can read that HERE.

Have a beachy weekend, my friends--wherever you are!


lynnrush said...

I'm watching Idol a little more this year, actually. I just can't decide who I want to win.

I'm thinkin' Adam or Pink hair.... :-)

Sarah said...

I think Idol really is a yawn this year. I think when faithful, loyal viewers such as you and myself;) are bored, there's something amiss. What do you think it is? The crazy judges? The weird format at the start? I just didn't really get into this season.
With that said, I want Allison (she's so talented and yet underrated) to win (and I wouldn't mind terribly if Kris did) but I am pretty sure it's Adam's thing to lose.

Brittanie said...

I agree with you on your descriptions. I like Anoop, Adam, Danny, and Allison. Sometimes I like Kris and everyone else can go home. :)
I liked when Kris did the Garth Brooks song to Make You Feel my Love.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I never got into American Idol. I try to limit my TV time since I work full-time and I need to find time to write, market, and critique and edit, time with God and family, but not neccessarily in that order.

Carole said...

I missed the first few seasons of Idol because I don't care for many reality shows - and I like the dancing shows better anyway. Now I watch when it gets to Hollywood week.

This season does seem a little boring, but I don't know why. I keep hearing talk that Simon might leave the show when his contract is up, but I like his judging the best.

I agree that Adam will probably win, but while his talent is great, I don't like loud rock music. He's great on a ballad, however - and cute. I liked Scott and hope he's able to get a career going. Of those remaining, I favor Danny and Chris.