Monday, April 20, 2009

Did y'all see 17 Again? (I did not). Not sure if I mentioned this but a week or so ago I went with the kiddos to see the Hannah Montana Movie at midnight--and it was packed. Guess there's nothing much to do in this town, Lol... Teens and tweens and weary parents everywhere.

But actually, we had fun. Our youth pastor came along with us, probably wondering why, and we laughed at the absurdity of watching a movie in a theater full of kids on a Thursday at midnight.

So anyway, I kind of want to see Zack Efron transform into Matthew Perry...and kinda not. Both daughters caught the movie and it's pretty much been a Zack-baby admiration society around here all weekend.

As for me, I did too much driving this past week--including a two hour round trip drop off at Magic Mountain (Six Flags) on Saturday. So yesterday the hub and I rode our bikes in our beach town, grabbing the sun and the breeze and working off a week's worth of flab (mine, of course, as I wasn't suggesting he had any.)

GREAT afternoon and while watching all the pretty boats on the sea, I got a fantastic idea. What say we all ditch our son's boat, the one with the GAPING HOLE in it--and buy something sparkly and new and rent a dock so we can play with it all the live long summer?

Of course, he just laughed in his hearty way. But I was serious and persisted and then I got a sign from above: a lady bug landed on his sleeve. I put my hand on hub's arm and allowed the little critter to climb aboard my finger, all the while persisting with the boating idea. Hub, of course, continued to twitter and guffaw, so I held up the lady bug and said, "C'mere and let me put a bug in your ear."

That pretty much did it. Giggles and laughter everywhere. Still didn't talk him into the new boat, but it was fun trying. Almost felt, well, like being 17 again. :)

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