Monday, April 13, 2009


So on Saturday my husband surprised me with an iPhone for my birthday. I've wanted one for a long time, but I'm super cheap. That, and every time we're eligible for a trade-in on our plan, one of the kids somehow weasels it out of me. I use the castoffs.

Not anymore, baby! Lol...seriously, this thing is amazing. I'm obsessed. The world at my fingertips. Just yesterday after church I noticed my brother had tried to reach me. (I hadn't picked up his call because I was in service at the time, of course :) So anyway, before I called him back I checked email and--voila!--turns out he had proposed to his beautiful girlfriend and she'd sent a picture of the ring on her hand. See the beauty of up to the minute news? (Yes, that was me screaming in the church parking lot...)

A shout out to my husband who managed to surprise me (even though I told him over and over again not to get me a thing). You done good!

Alas, it's been a weekend of feasting with my birthday and Easter in just the past couple of days. I've gained much poundage and will have to get busy this week to shed it all, but then again I need to put B I C (butt in chair) in order to catch up on all the writing I didn't do while the kids were on spring break.

Do you see the conundrum here? ha.

p.s. Weren't you thrilled to learn of the US Captain's rescue yesterday? Me too!


Sarah said...

Happy belated Birthday, Julie! I'm still torn between the iPhone and Blackberry.
Oh and congrats on your brother's engagement:)

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, Sarah! We've been w/AT&T for so long it would be a pain to switch. Besides, my husband bought an iPhone for work and it helped us so much when traveling. I've heard good about BBs too.