Monday, March 09, 2009

New review of Truffles by the Sea

Happy Monday my friends! Sarah, an editor at Bethany House, sent over a review of Truffles by the Sea that appeared recently in Libraries Alive. I LOVED writing Gaby--such a kind-hearted, gentle and dramatic soul, that one--so I'm thrilled to see this terrific review of her story:


Gaby Flores, the main character in this delightful novel, reminds us of Job since everything seems to go wrong for her. She owns a flower shop where an employee steals money and merchandise from her. A former client sues her for using ugly flowers for her wedding even though Gaby tried to talk her out of the color scheme she chose. Gaby’s apartment burns to the ground. She almost drowns in a kayaking incident. On top of all this, she can’t seem to find the right guy for her. She vows to be gullible no more and her faith is put to the test. Brownies from her best friend and truffles help her get back her life. A very enjoyable read. Rating: 4—PD

You can find more about Truffles on Amazon or


And in other breaking news, did y'all read the uncomfirmed report that Melissa--our Melissa from The Cad Bachelor--will be on Dancing with the Stars starting tonight? Holy cow, they'll attempt anything to to lure me/us back to ABC, won't they? Lol...


Suzanne said...

I found you last week and when I went to the library I tried to find your books, but I couldn't remember anything other than "chocolate!" which got me NO WHERE! Okay, now I will remember your name and book titles!

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Suzanne, Thanks for the note! I've heard that my books are in many libraries so I hope you find one soon :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the review!!!! **smile**