Thursday, March 19, 2009

What was America Thinking?

As my teens might say, letting Alexis go was redonk. Anyone else notice that now there'll be too many average guys in the final 10 tour? Nice guys, yes, but maybe a little dull for a successful show. Just sayin'...


Sarah Wylie said...

I have no idea what America was thinking...or what the judges were thinking! I mean, if they used their save, chances are that they wouldn't need it again before the top 5 because America would have gotten a wake-up call from seeing Alex get the lowest number of votes. Oh, the frustration!
And oh, the testosterone fest(good thing they got Kara or the girls would really be outnumbered). On the upside, I'm glad Allison stayed. And Kris and Anoop.

Anonymous said...

I could NOT believe she got booted off. I'm so sad. She's soooo good. I love her funky hair, her smile, and she's got a set of lungs.

I'm sad. Hopefully someone will pick her up and we'll see her out there someday!