Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stuck in High School

Remember high school when you'd miss your entire Algebra lesson because you were daydreaming about Mr. Cutie-Pie while doodling on your PeeChee folder? And then, within a week, you actually got the chance to talk to totally-hot guy only to discover that he smelled like BO and old Cheetos?

That's pretty much how I'm feeling about Jason the Cad (formerly The Bach). No doubt the twists and turns in what seemed like a pretty straight forward Bachelor love story brought ratings galore for its network and RealitySteve was vindicated. But in the end, the whole scenario stunk like old socks. Actually, old wet socks that had been left in a pile underneath a teenager's bed.

Am I painting the picture of how I really feel yet? (Not that I'm bitter or anything, LOL...)

So for those who've asked, that's how I felt about The Bachelor Finale, ATR and ATR2. I'm not convinced that the network set up the entire mess, but I do maintain that Jason made a terrible mistake agreeing to drag Melissa's heart through the mud while on the air. Somewhere in that decision making progress, the high road was overlooked.


Ronel said...

I think it was a poor decision to dump Melissa on the air and he is saying it was because of the contract... either way he had a choice to make and he didn't choose the high road, I agree.

I do think based on the last two season they are choosing lust over love.. I think if they just based it off a connection and future both of the last two decisions would have been different.

Maybe Gillian will do better?

I am seriously thinking about giving up reality tv!!

Anonymous said...


Just for the sake of is the fact that this played out on the finale different than if it had played out on an earlier episode? The proposal?? Or...

Interested in your/your readers' responses.


Julie Carobini said...

Hey Patty,
The key for me here is that Jason proposed to Melissa. Up until that point, breakups were par for the course.

Things happen and people change their minds, but by insisting that he had to break their engagement on TV made it look as if it was all just a game to him.

Just my opinion...anyone else?

Sarah Wylie said...

I agree, Julie. I broke and watched the finale and it just reinforced why I don't watch the Bachelor. I do watch Idol though so I'm off to AC to read your thoughts:)