Monday, March 23, 2009

Not so hot

Two days in the frigid desert, four games, one third place win. That pretty much sums up our weekend. Elementary Girl's team has been making the tournament rounds lately, and this one happened to be in the high desert. I'd heard that the weather was in the high 70s, so I figured hot, hot, hot--and packed for the overnight stay accordingly.

Who knew it snowed in the desert in March? (answer = me).

Yeah, yeah, I should have checked the forecast myself. Sigh. Our saving grace was the tattered old wool blanket we take to every game. Teen Daughter and I hid from the freezing, whipping wind by wrapping ourselves in it as best we could, managing to watch all four games (the cold got to us on day 2 and we fell into a giggle fit. Salty tears froze on my face ;)

At least we weren't playing in those games ourselves! And that's the funny part. Our team of 10 & 11 year old beach girls played super hard and had fun doing it. Go Vipers!

Other than seeing my girlie and pals play so well out there, another favorite part of the weekend was hiding out in Barnes & Noble between games on day 2. More than three hours in a bookstore with hot coffee--does that sound like heaven on earth or what?


Mrs. Sidney said...

Seeing that I am going through caffeine withdrawals.. it sounds like heaven.

lynnrush said...

Barnes and Noble sounds heavenly.

Sorry you froze at the soccer games. That's a bummer. :-(