Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol, Top 13

As much as I've NOT enjoyed the revamped system of whittling down the contestants, I believe that was the best Top 12 (er, '13') show I've seen. Everybody can actually sing and perform, so props to the people--and the judges--for putting the contestants there.

It's hard to say who'll go since the judges are planning to mix things up a bit tonight. Not sure what they're planning but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the phone line controversy. Anyone voting for Alexis Grace, #13 last night, had to dial a special number--otherwise they'd get a message from a not-so-nice dating service.

If the results come down to a straight vote, then I'd guess that Anoop and Jorge would go. When Teen Daughter saw Anoop's jacket she was sure he was going to sing Thriller, but performing Beat It was almost as bad. And Jorge's a sweetie, but the song was kind of boring, I thought.

Predictions? Thoughts?


Sarah said...

I have no idea who's going this week. And as for the judges mixing things up, I blogged all sorts of conspiracy theories but now I think you may be right, lol;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anoop and jorge have to go. Sad, but true. So, tonight we hear what the big change is....exciting times!