Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, ha ha ha! Guess the keepin' up with the Jones' thing has been around awhile.

Sad, but true.

Speaking of having it all, I wrote a piece awhile ago about having our luxuries for less because, well, let's face it...I'm a cheapskate who likes nice things. In this economy, that's not such a bad thing really (the cheapskate part anyway). And it's good stewardship too :) You can read about having your Luxuries...for Less here. If you have the chance to read it, please come on back and tell me what you do to maintain your lifestyle during down turns.


On another note, sad to see Jasmine and Jorge leave AI last night. I thought it a bit premature for Jasmine, particularly, but frankly, there's some hot talent in this group. I'm on the fence about who'll go next guess (based on this week) would be Scott, Michael or Matt, although I do like them all. The top 10 go on tour, so the next boot-off will be significant!


lynnrush said...

I liked that cartoon! Nice!!

Yeah, AI was a good one, yesterday. I thought it was time for them to leave. They just aren't up to par of the rest of the singers, IMHO.

It's tough this year. Some great singers.... it'll be interesting.

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Lynn, I read that vote for the worst has their eye on Megan. Truly, I think she's amazing. She reminds me of Madeleine Peroux (sp?), a jazz singer with a super smokey and original voice. I think Megan might be a sensation with the proper training. Oh well, it should be fun for the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you about Megan. In fact, when they introduced that 'judge's save' change, it occurred to me that it may be meant JUST for her. She is the type that could lose out on voting, but be SPECTACULAR, if kept. Quite a pleasure to see such a large group of truly talented people. Looking forward to the progression of the season.


RefreshMom said...

I'm a cheapskate too. My shopping philosophy has always been "never pay full price for anything." It's gotten so bad that even 30% off feels like paying too much most of the time (I prefer to stick to 75% for most things).

In the cosmetics department, new items usually release with a coupon followed shortly thereafter by reduced store prices, so you can try new things at a great price. I've also found that Ulta's regular prices are noticably cheaper than department or drug stores, so I look there first for personal care items.

My big splurge would probably be in the hot beverage area. I'm not a big coffee drinker, and am a tea snob (so most places don't carry what I really like), but I've found I can buy a giant economy-sized refill of my favorite tea and get the equivalent of 5 containers for the price of 4. I also love chai, but since I can only get what I really like in Santa Cruz (and the cost of gas is prohibitive to make the hour drive for a cup); I've concocted a recipe that lets me make my own chai mix to have any time I want. So if I want 3 cups a day, I don't feel guilty about it and the habit isn't costing me $9/day.

Julie Carobini said...

I know Refreshmom, isn't it like a game sometimes? I'm always playing one against myself, trying to get the best deal, ha. Btw, I loved the chai you brought to Mt. H, so if that's what you're talking about then why drink anything else? And this coming from an avid coffee drinker...!

And to Patty, go Megan :)

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

As to AI, I thought your two picks were spot on--Jorge and Anoop. They kept Anoop over Jasmine? That's craziness.

I feel especially bad for Jasmine because the judges' main crit of her was that she didn't sing her age. Thing is, she's the youngest of her family and has probably spent a lot of time with adults. She probably does think older and have older tastes.

On one hand, they tell the contestants to be themselves, but if that self isn't what the judges expect, then they give them a bad time.

Jasmine is a way better singer than Anoop. She may not be an AI performer, though, so it's probably better for her that she's not going on.

Boy, I hope Anoop doesn't get through next week.


Deborah said...

On your artical (since we only watch AI at the beginning to see all the bad acts)...I decided several years ago to stop dying my hair. It was hard, but I let it just grow out and kept it trimmed. I finally cut my long hair and now it's all natural...white and all.

I slurge on makeup at Christmas when you can get the "free" case of makeups and perfumes with a purchase. This past Christmas doing this, I was also able to get several bags. Then I divided up the purchases & free stuff for gifts...keeping what I wanted for myself.

I do my nails myself. I have long nails so I like to keep them painted.

You had some great tips. Thanks.