Wednesday, March 25, 2009

springin' forward

When finishing up my first book, Chocolate Beach, I asked a twenty-something friend to read it. She loved CB, and when I asked what she liked about the heroine, Bri, she said, "She's not like everybody else. She doesn't garden."


Apologies to my friends who'd rather not, but something about the spring emerging--sunlight, blossoms, tweety birds--makes me want to get outside and, um, garden. Alas, I'm chained to my desk these days. With a new deadline looming and spring break about to start for my three kiddos, I'm typing as fast as I can (and my shoulder's been on fire--argh).

Still I've managed to do a bit out there. Last week I cleaned out my fountain and got it going again. Now I can hear it through my open window while I work (yes!). And I pulled a bunch of those dreaded weeds, the ones that had cropped up near our grill. I was beginning to wonder if my cooking outside was a fire hazard with all those sprouts nearby.

I've also got plans to repaint the gate and plant a couple of vines--once I reach an acceptable word count, that is.

How about you? Any plans to spruce up the garden? Or is that just not your thang?


Ronel said...

With Easter rapidly approaching I need to get in my backyard and really start working. Plus with possibly changing my career to being at home I have some added stuff in the yard that needs to get done so little ones can play outside... lol.

Julie Carobini said...

Oooh, sounds like someone's starting a daycare! Are you?

Anonymous said...

I would think you could get someone to pull weeds and paint gates for you. And no, I'm not volunteering!

I'll be planting tomatoes, zucchini and peppers this weekend. New house, new vegetable garden!