Thursday, August 05, 2010

Beach daze

Came back from visiting family last week and the work was piled THIS high. Sheesh! But it's all good. Today I visited a couple of Barnes & Noble stores that carry A Shore Thing (Calabasas & Thousand Oaks). Tomorrow I'll stop by a couple of stores in Santa Barbara, and then a few more down south on Friday. If you're near any of these, stop by and pick up a bookmark at the customer service desk. My publisher B&H designed them and they're very 'beachy' :)

Speaking of the beach, I refuse to let the proliferation of back-to-school clothes drown out the need for summer to last. We have through late September people! Can I hear an Amen?

One of my daughters starts school next week already. I know, crazy. The Ventura County Fair will be still going on then. Might even take her to see that cutey patooty Dierks Bentley. Which will she remember more? 7th grade homework or staying out late to see a Country Music star on a school night?

My point exactly.

Here's to good memories ~ and another six weeks of summer :-)


Erica Faraone said...

Thank you, Julie! I'm with you. Can't believe your daughter starts school next week. My son starts Aug. 25th and I thought that was early. In spite of school supplies that must be purchased, it's only Aug. 5th and the sun is shining. I was Just reminding myself to get out there and enjoy it when I saw your post. Perfect timing. Perfect encouragement. Thanks for the sunshiny, uplifting, beachy post! :-)

Julie Carobini said...

You're so welcome, Erica. We've got some serious fog out here on the coast, so could you send a little sunshine this way? Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Country music star any day! I just saw Garth Brooks in never outgrow your need for good country music!