Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tweet of the Week

My DVR is set to record all episodes of House Hunters International because my nightcap of choice is to 'travel' to some beautiful seaside place before heading off to dreamland :). So the other night I was watching the episode when a gal travels to Malta to buy a vacation place. Although I didn't agree on the place she chose--LOL, when do I ever?--I enjoyed touring the area with her.

This particular night I tweeted : "House Hunters International, I heart you." The next day HGTV contacted me to ask if they could include my note in their 'Tweet of the Week.' Um, let me think...YES!

They then sent me some legal stuff, and I signed it, so my words may (finally!) make it to the (little) screen. LOL ... Let me know if and when you see it, alrighty? Have a beachy week, my friends!

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