Friday, August 27, 2010

calls that go bump in the night ...

So a character from a book called my home last night. Seriously. The phone rang at 8:20 pm, and Call Waiting read: Asher Price. No one was on the other end (even creepier), but I just stared at the name, trying to remember where I'd seen it before.

"What's wrong?" my daughter asked.

Omg! I ran down the hall. She followed. I grabbed the book from my shelf, turned it over, and pointed at the text on the back cover. "Asher Price just called!"

We both screamed, laughing.

"It's like that movie, Mom. Stranger than Fiction. A character is talking to you!"

"Yeah," I said. "but it's not one of my characters!"

Methinks it's time to take a break from all this writing. I'm going to the beach. And not answering the phone ...

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Alex Marestaing said...

Wow,characters calling you up at home, what are the chances of that happening? On a side note, it's interesting how attached we get to characters in our books. We travel this long road of excitement, disappointment, and excitement again with them, and when we write our last sentence there's this emptiness.(That's how I felt when I finished my last book at least)