Monday, August 09, 2010

Bookstore visits & sunny daze

So apparently the Farmer's Almanac warned us about an especially cool summer ~ our friend Alex told us this last eve. But today...oh, TODAY...the sun is (finally) out on the California coast. It's not been AWOL all summer, but pretty much. I was starting to sense a lack of vitamin D in my system, Lol

To celebrate, I'm going to enjoy these last few days of freedom from early morning rides to school and making bag lunches. Yes, school starts soon. Too soon, if you ask me (nobody did). I suppose if my kids were younger and driving me crazy, I'd be glad. But they're not and (for the most part) they aren't, so I'd rather we extend the lovely carefree days for, say, another month.

Not that my days are all that carefree with book promos, but still! Speaking of promoting a book, A SHORE THING, is popping up in stores all over the place. Happiness! In between dodging the clouds, I visited several of these stores. THANKS to all the bookstore staffers who welcomed me!

If you're in the SoCal area, here are the stores I visited with beachy bookmarks (I also signed copies of Shore when asked):

GOLETA Borders
SANTA BARBARA Barnes & Noble (signed copies)
VENTURA Barnes & Noble
THOUSAND OAKS Barnes & Noble (signed copies)
CALABASAS Barnes & Noble
WOODLAND HILLS Barnes & Noble (signed copies)

Happy Beach Reading, my friends ~ wherever you are ;-)


Denise Harmer said...

That is so cool, Julie. If you want to send some bookmarks my way, I would be happy to take them to the Temecula Family Christian bookstore. Unfortunately, our local Fallbrook Christian bookstore closed its doors a couple months ago. I can also probably put a couple out at our church's book table

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I hate to tell you, Julie, but 25 miles inland, where I live, this summer couldn't be any better. Temps in the mid 70s most days. Today was a little cooler. I'm in shorts and a sweatshirt with the door and windows open. Sorry about you all water border folk, but wow! This is one I'm really, really enjoying.

Love the cover of Shore Thing.

Be sure to let me know if you do any book signings down this way.


Julie Carobini said...

On the flip side, Becky, I stopped by the Calabasas B&N store last week to deliver bookmarks -- and it was 91degrees! Sweater on, sweater off, sweater on ... haha Glad you're getting a healthy dose of summer :)