Tuesday, August 17, 2010

College bound ...

It's an emotional week! Our oldest is moving off to college this weekend and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that. The girls are excited--they've already been planning ways to makeover his room. How they're going to afford a leather couch and flat screen is beyond me, but hey, we all have our dreams.

But all I know is the kid who's been here for almost 19 years will be living more than two hours away. We'll go weeks without seeing him (although I'm suddenly interested in skype), and he'll have to fend for himself more than ever. (Since I'm not the best cook in the world, and he's a hungry boy, he might say that he's already been fending for himself, LOL) Still, it's a huge shift in our little family.

Author friend Sherry tells me that she went to Biola too--and met her husband the very first month of freshman year!!! Cannot. Imagine. (Incidentally, she says students were affectionately known as Biola Betty and Biola Bob, and I'm wondering if this is still true ...?)

Ah, well, he's ready for the change I think. He's worked hard to get into college--and already has a job in place on campus. I'm proud of him! Nervous about the changes ahead ... but proud! So that chick you see buying up all the Biola Mom merchandise in the bookstore, well, that would be ME!

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