Thursday, July 01, 2010

New things ... and a shore thing

I'm in San Francisco with my daughter who's taking classes in the area. While she's learning new things, I am too. This is the 1st ever post to my blog from my phone, so that's lesson learned numero uno. #2... I can read a map. Seriously, I have problems with directions, so I'm proud to announce that i've taken trolleys on multi occasions already and have managed to see some great sites, like the embarcadero, fisherman's wharf and more coffee places than you can count. Lol Anyone else 'directionally challenged'?

Visited Barnes & Noble and although they did not have my new book in stock (sadly!), they said they would order it in. If you live in the area, feel free to pop in and pick up one of the bookmarks I left at customer service.

#3 i love cheese. Ok, i already knew this but oh! I found this cool bakery-Acme, in the Ferry Bldg-and they make these awesome triple creme cheese sandwiches on rustic baguette. I've had one TWO days in a row! Sooo yum.

#4 Must remember to bring bandages in purse. All this walking is blister city!

And #5 This beach girl can navigate the city just fine (although it helps that the bay is just a trolley ride away ;).

Before I sign off, A Shore Thing "officially" released today!!! If you happen to spot it, I'd love to know where. Drop me a note, and I'll send you a bookmark. I'll send some to the store too!

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Beach Combing... said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I LOVE the cheese place in the Ferry Building - have become totally addicted to Cowgirl Creamery cheese that they sell there. We hoard it like it's gold in our frig!