Thursday, July 22, 2010


So Wednesday night, the girls and I drove up to Paso Robles to see JUSTIN BIEBER (Hear the crowd roaring??) at the mid-state fair. SUCH. FUN. (I won't mention the absolutely detestable motel we stayed in, though...) On our walk over the fair to see JB, we saw this truck and the girls had to pose. What can I say? When opportunity presents itself....

So anyway, while preteen girl and friend enjoyed their THIRD ROW seats next to the stage, TEEN GIRL and I giggled and danced like crazy people in the LAST ROW! We didn't care, though, cuz JB gave a great show, as did Sean Kingston at opening. Something about a crowded Fair Grandstand until a moonlit sky makes a ??year old mother not care who sees her dance.

It's Thursday Eve and we're on our way to (drumroll, please) ... PENNSYLVANIA! Where there is NO beach! What will I do??! Ah, well, we're going to visit family, which makes a landlocked vacation worth it. And this is the first time in many years that we've actually traveled back east in the summer. So who knows? Maybe we'll find a river to float down or something...;-)

If you entered the giveaway for a copy of A Shore Thing, I'll be popping in on Monday to post winner names (if I can find Internet access in the mountain town where we'll be staying ... :-)

Until then, have a beachy weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are!

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