Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's our fifth day in rural Pennsylvania and time to go to the city. Okay, so it's more like a town. Those of you from this area know that much of PA is made up of quaint country towns strung together like one long cord of Christmas lights. Thankfully we're here in summer, because usually we're here in gray winter when most of the lights have burned out, haha. I digress.

My dear father in law became ill during our stay and is recuperating in the hospital. We're sad because we don't get to see him, but glad to hang out with grandma while he's gone (although we're probably driving her crazy, LOL). So today we gave her a break and drove ... quite a ways ... to watch a movie. My brother Mikey is an artist animator (I SO want to build a character around his experiences!) and he worked on the latest Nicolas Cage release, Sorcerer's Apprentice. So hubby and I went to see that while the kids caught a showing of Despicable Me.

Hubby and I were the only ones in the theater (small town? remember?), so besides necking (haha--hey, we're married), I texted my brother. Wanted to make sure I knew which scenes he animated. Fortunately he got back to me before one of his big scenes--the car chase--came up. Just something about watching a film that has a family member's fingerprints on it, you know? Great scene, by the way. He usually blows up stuff in his scenes, so morphing a fancy Bentley (I think) into a Ferrari was pretty cool, I must say.

We're back at the homestead now, and getting ready to grill burgers on the patio. I cooked last night (enchiladas, naturally), so I'm off duty tonight (yes!). Here's to good health, family, and beachy days, my friends ~ wherever you are...

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Diane said...

Impressive!!! I am a huge sci-fi special effects geek. Love to watch them all come together in films. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. :O)