Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello from Pennsylvania! We made it across country and have been visiting with family since Friday. Good times. Lots of humidity through yesterday, plus sudden, thunderous rain and occasional lightning. Sooo different than the California coast where I live! Fortunately no lightning during the family reunion at Parker Dam last Saturday, so I was able to rent a kayak and splash around in the water. Loved it!

Back to last week's contest... My sweet niece Samantha picked a couple of numbers, and we have our winners. CONGRATS to:

Librarian ~ Lonnie from the Midlothian Branch of the Chesterfield County Public Library in VA.
Reader ~ Jackie L

Both will receive copies of A Shore Thing! Thanks SO much to everyone who entered by comment or email. Received many, many fun postings and beach recommendations. Who knows? Maybe I'll set a book in one of them some day? :)

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