Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ya gotta have friends!

Here's a photo of my pal Sally who, although she had to skedaddle out of town, showed up at Saturday's Barnes & Noble signing early just to get her hot-off-the-press copy of A Shore Thing :)) Such a whirlwind, with friends and family coming and going. Since this was a hometown signing, lots of familiar faces to greet.

Met many new readers as well.

One lady walked to my table at precisely 11 am, plunked a stack of books on my table and declared, "I read $50 worth of books a month!" Oh, that is music to an author's ears!!! After chatting a bit, turns out we both live in the same general area of the city, have sons about the same age, and love the beach. She bought my latest book AND last year's release, Sweet Waters. Such a great way to start off the day ~ whee!

Then one of the characters from Sweet Waters (yes, you heard that right!) hand-sold A Shore Thing to a man who was minding his own business, just trying to walk on by. Cheryl Draughon is a longtime friend (taught all my kids at one time or another) who lobbied for a role in my last book. If you read it, there was a realtor in that story who shares Cheryl's name ~ and bears a striking resemblance to my friend...;-)

Anyhoo, Cheryl (practically) snagged the poor guy by the collar, then proceeded to tell him all about my books. He kept nodding and staring at the back cover (probably working on his escape), when all of a sudden he looked up and said, "Are you a Christian?"

"Yes, indeedy," I told him (sans the 'indeedy' part...)

"Me too!" He said ~ and then promptly asked me to sign a book for his mom. Loved that!

I ask you, what would I do without my friends??! More stories from the writing world coming soon ... In the meantime, have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are :)

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Diane said...

JUst found your blog through twitter! Your books look like the perfect beach read!!! aWESOME :o)