Thursday, July 08, 2010

On hotel terror and signing books ...

Sorry for the long wait between posts ~ you were waiting, weren't you??? Ha ~ right! Anyway, like I wrote before, the trip to SF was amazing. I didn't mention, though, that teen daughter and I checked into a remodeled but tiny boutique hotel in downtown that, uh, scared the daylights out of us. Think: The Shining. We sent pictures to my husband and son with the title Tower of Terror (a creepy ride at Disney's California Adventure). We slept with my suitcase pressed against the narrow bedroom door and took the stairs because teen daughter thought a death-warmed-over bellhop might be waiting for us on the elevator. Ah, good times. Lol

The next day we moved to the Hilton :)

We were in SF so my daughter could attend an event called "3 Days of Fashion" at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She had a ball ... made new friends and met designer Nick Verreos (of Project Runway). Poor girl has a mother who prefers jeans and flip flops. She'll teach me yet! (or grow old trying ... :)

Booksigning Saturday!

Ah well, I'm back on the central coast where the weather is ... downright dreary! Give me sun, people! Even SF was warmer and brighter ~ can you believe it? Although this weather might just bring folks to my booksigning on Saturday, so bring on the clouds ;-)

If you're in the Ventura area on Saturday morning, stop by Barnes & Noble in the Gateway Plaza, Telephone Road, and say hello! I'll be signing copies of A Shore Thing and taking names ... for a drawing. What did you think?? B&H Publishing will be giving away a "Beach Book Chair" and I'll have plenty of chocolates around (of course!). Would love to see you.

Until then, have a beachy day ~ wherever you are!


HolyMama! said...

hi Julie! Just finished Shore Thing and LOVED it! :)

Julie Carobini said...

HM ~ Thanks so much for the note! Miss hearing from you. Glad you enjoyed the book :)


Vader's Mom said...

Oh goodness. That's crazy!! But I'm so glad you had fun.

RefreshMom said...

Ah yes...beware the SF "Boutique" hotels. Code for tiny, old plumbing, inadequate heat/AC (which is inadequate is directly related to the time of year you're there), and expensive. It is fun to be in walking distance to all the cool SF-y stuff though.

If you get to come again with someone who's busy during the days, maybe I can meet you and we can be touristy together.

(And I've had great luck getting awesome prices on 4-star hotels by the airport using Priceline's "name your price" option.)

At least when you're a writer, no adventure is ever really purposeless!