Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday mishmash

Happy Monday, fellow beach lovers! May still be a bit June gloomy here on the central coast, but it's summah-time, so who cares? At least it's warm, you know? Soon teen daughter and I are going on a ROAD TRIP up the coast ~ woohoo!

Couple of fun things happening with A Shore Thing that I wanted you to know about. First, Cindy of Cindy's Book Reviews is giving away a copy on July 4. Easy to enter.

Also, Rel of Relz Reviews just posted a character spotlight on Gage, Callie, and Moondoggy. She asked me about the inspiration behind these characters and that was easy. In my head, they were based on ... go on over and you'll see who :)

I hope that where ever you are, you're enjoying your summer. Work or not, take time out to experience the long days and comfortable nights. Walk the beach. Smell the blooms. Hike the hills. Thank God for making them all...

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