Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fairytale? or Soap Opera?

Happy Tuesday! It's been a packed few days of launch party planning, Pilates doing, website updating and Bachelorette watching :) Anyone else notice how soap opera-ish that show's becoming? You know what I think? I think Jake's really an actor playing a spurned pilot. Not that I'm supporting Wes or anything. It's just that this show's beyond real. Oh, and btw, after watching Kiptyn's mom grill Jillian, here's my advice: RUN!

Ha...ah well. Then again, sometimes when I look back on my own life, parts of it would certainly work well on Guiding Light or whatever...

Speaking of soap operas (nice segue, huh?), I learned the other day that SWEET WATERS--my story of a gal whose fairytale turns out to be a soap opera--released early. Woo! That means it's being sent to stores as we speak. That said, I've yet to see it. If you happen to find it at a store near you, would you please come on back and tell me? I'd love to know! I'll pass along more info/contests/sightings as they become available!

In the meantime, summer's here and for the moms who've just begun following me, here's an article I wrote a few weeks back about beachy snacks. Here's to sandy days, flip-flops and mini-burritos (said with rolled Rs :) at the beach:
Beach Snacks for the Whole Family


Rachel said...

Oh, WONDERFUL! Super congrats, Miss Julie!!!! I was just in your B&N yesterday... I'll have to check when I go again on Thursday. Soooooo excited for you! When's the release party?

Brittanie said...

I do not watch the show but my sister has taken to it recently. So while I was in my bed reading last night I couldn't help but hear it on the TV. I agree on the Soap Opera feel. I think she should have dumped Wes. :)

Chrissy said...

Congrats, Julie! I'm going to Borders tomorrow and will search for you. (Although, I'm in the midwest. We're not known for getting stuff early!)

Sue said...

Exciting news about the early release of your book. I just ordered your other two online and they should arrive any day! Can't wait ;-)

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, Rachel! Launch party: Bank of Books, July 25, 4-6pm....more to follow.

Brittanie, I concur :)

And thanks so much Chrissy and Sue. You've both made my day!